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Company Profile

    Yantai Qiwei is a high-tech innovative enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. Since establishment in 2004, the company has been committed to the development and application of the latest fertilizer technology and products, fertilizer synergists and pesticide synergists. Qiwei Company has an excellent research and development team composed of 3 postdoctors and 5 masters, and has established good cooperative relations with scientific research institutions of China Agricultural University, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other institutions and a number of multinational companies. At present, it has provided raw material supply and professional technical services to more than 1500 pesticide manufacturers, fertilizer manufacturers, large-scale sales companies and other organizations.  The products are sold in nearly 30 countries and regions in the world.

Product Presentation

Product Name:AUSON® Plant Essential Oil 

Product Ingredient:AUSON® plant essential oil is a biological product produced by essential oil extracted from many kinds of plants and manufactured by special processes.

Function:AUSON® plant essential oil is a new type of synergist which can improve pesticide effect greatly. When used in high concentration (to dilute 500 times by adding water), it can dissolve wax coat of insects and destroy mycelial structure to lead to bacteria death.

  When used in low concentration (to dilute 1000-1500 times by adding water), it can strengthen using effect of insecticide, herbicide, bactericide, leaf fertilizer, etc. AUSON® plant essential oil helps liquid of pesticide stick to plants or pests surface quickly, then extend around area and penetrate surface organization. So AUSON® plant essential oil improve the effectiveness of pesticide remarkably.

  AUSON® plant essential oil used as synergist of pesticide, it will solve resistance problems between insects and pesticide, between weed and herbicide.

  It is generally divided into small packages for sale in China. AUSON® plant essential oil is welcomed by pesticide sellers because of its significant effectiveness.

  AUSON® plant essential oil can be added into pesticide at a 10% ratio when producing pesticide, the adding will improve the effectiveness of pesticide remarkably.

       Product Advantage:AUSON® plant essential oil improves using effect by 30%-50% without changing the amount of pesticide used. It has positive significance in reducing the use of chemical pesticides and lowering pesticide residues in agricultural products. 

AUSON® plant essential oil improves agricultural products quantity and quality greatly.

Product Packaging:180kg/drum.

Product Usage:First diluting the pesticide with water, then diluting AUSON® plant essential oil with water to 1000-1500 times, after mixing and stirring well, last spray or drip irrigation.

Notes: 1. Prohibition of use during crop flowering.

             2. Prohibition of use when the temperature is ≥ 32 degrees.

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