Adjuvant QW-101 Product Specification

Product Ingredients:

◆This product is mainly composed of polyenergetic alcohol compounds. Non-pesticide, non-pesticide intermediate, non-highly toxic and non-prohibited ingredients. Adjuvant QW-101 complies with FAO standards.

Product Characteristic:

◆QW-101 is a new type of environment-friendly adjuvant with extremely strong synergistic characteristics, which can improve the effective ingredients of the pesticide to make their effects on the pests body surface very quickly, instantly destroy the surface layer of the pests and penetrate into deep layer, greatly shorten the time of killing pests and acarid, to improve the death rate of pests and delay the pests’ resistance to pesticides.

◆QW-101 has extremely high activity, can directly kill severely resistant acarids in a physical way if used alone. If mixed with pesticides then spray on crops, QW-101 can improve the speed of killing pests and acarids and the death rate of pests, to lower the hatching rate of pests’ eggs, to reduce the risks of  pests’ resistance.

◆QW-101 is an environmental friendly and safe product that can be naturally degraded. Acid and alkali resistance, good stability under high temperature environment can ensure lasting stability of pesticides ingredients and no phytotoxicity like using silicone additives in high temperature.


◆QW-101 is mainly used to upgrade the formulation of insecticides and acaricides, improving pesticide effect remarkable, solving poor pesticide effect to kill pests with serious resistance such as red and white spiders, thrips, aphids, flea beetle, white flies, and spodoptera frugiperda etc.. QW-101 be added to common liquid pesticides production such as AS, OL, SL, EC, SC, EW, ME, etc..

◆Adjuvant QW-101 is used as tank mix adjuvant, it can greatly increasing wettability and distribution of the liquid pesticide on the front and backside of crop leaves. Diluting 6000-8000 times with water, then immerging strawberry leaves into the diluted liquid, the backside of hydrophobic strawberry leaves can be fully attached liquid pesticide.

Suggested Formulation Ratio:

◆The pesticide for killing super severely resistant thrips, diluted 500 times with water then spray on crops, the proportion of adjvuant QW-101 added for pesticide production is 50%. During the pre-production test, the pesticide mixed with adjuvant QW-101 at a ratio of 0.5: 0.5.

◆The pesticide for killing common thrips, resistant aphids, whiteflies and the like are diluted 1000-1500 times with water then spray on crops, the proportion of adjvuant QW-101 added in pesticide production is 30%, the pesticide mixed with QW-101 at a ratio of 0.7: 0.3 during the pre-production test.

◆The pesticide for killing resistant red spider is diluted 2,000-3,000 times with water then spray on crops, the proportion of adjuvant QW-101 added in pesticide production is 60%, the pesticide mixed with QW-101 at a ratio of 0.4: 0.6 during pre-production test.




pale yellow OF


 Dispersed in water




0.1% solution 6.5-7.5



Storage and Shelf Life:

The product should be stored in a cool and dry place at -10-40℃.

Shelf life is 36 months.


1. The ability of killing pests and acarids of adjuvant QW-101 itself only proves that the ingredient is strong in activity, does not prove the ingredient has pesticide property, and should not be used as insecticide and acaricide alone, should be mixed with the corresponding insecticides and acaricides to use as tank mix adjuvant.

2. When adding adjuvant QW-101 in pesticide production, other synergists can’t be added.

3. After the formulation is designed, it should be first tested, then demonstrated and last popularized according to the sequence requirements of the general procedures for pesticide promotion, to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the formulation before being popularized on a large scale.

4. QW-101 is OF, standing for a long time, stratification will occur, this is a normal phenomenon. Shake well before use.


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